Helping you overcome the challenges in life that may be preventing you from being who you want to be. Equipping you with the ability to conquer today’s challenges and be better prepared for tomorrow.


After your first session where you will share your concerns and goals, we’ll work on increasing your self-awareness through holistic approaches that will treat your whole self and help you attain your goals.

Working Together

We’ll work on your therapy goals in a collaborative effort. Together we will  process your experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and explore paths to healing and wholeness. Each session will build on a foundation of increased awareness, acceptance and trust.

Reaching For a Better Tomorrow

Life can be overwhelming at times. You may be experiencing painful emotions from trauma, abuse, divorce, or grief and loss. For many people, work and relationships can also be challenging. We are living in stressful times that may exacerbate anxiety, depression, and substance use.

What you’re feeling today can be different tomorrow. Using a holistic counseling approach, we will help you work through your challenges and give you tools to reach your goals.

Things can be different.

Services & specialties
Specializing in a variety of services and treating many presenting concerns, including those listed here. 

Each person is different however, and may not fit neatly into a certain listed “category”. Rest assured, your unique concerns will be heard and you’ll be provided with the professional, individualized care you need.




Alcohol & Substance

Grief Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Couples Counseling​


Family Relationships

Christian Counseling

Convenient Location

Located in Westerville with easy access from Polaris and I-71.

Telehealth Options

Online video counseling is available for those who cannot come in to the office, or prefer video.

Years of Experience

Years of clinical counseling experience ensuring that you have the highest quality care

Evening Hours

Limited early evening hours are available for those unable to get away during the day.

Tell Your Story

We all need someone to talk to